Environmental Representative Services

Environmental Representative services

·         Identification of legal requirements and related tasks

·         Suggestions for the necessary actions, plans for achieving compliance

·         Development and implementation of programmes for ensuring and maintaining compliance

·         Preparation and regular update of the register of applicable legal requirements

·         Evaluation of compliance at regular intervals

·         Liaison with environmental authorities in environmental matters

·         Preparation of internal environmental regulation and its training, review

·         Waste management plan preparation and biannual review of it

·         Co-ordination of waste management related activities, look for  new cost-effective waste management options

·         Carry out waste classifications, determination of EWC codes

·         Elaboration and update of operational procedure of waste collection areas

·         Preparation of material banaces

·         Supervision of waste register and waste collection and modification when necessary

·         Review of compliance with the 91/2006. (XII. 26.) GKM decree on the justification of compliance with environmental requirements of packaging, recommendations for actions necessary actions for getting into compliance

·         Compilation of application documents for permitting of air emission sources

·         Air emission sources' basic reporting and reporting of changes

·         Preparation and update of manual and operation log for the equipment containing regulated cooling agents and the works requiring intererences with cooling circles

·         Compilation of solvent balances

·         Self monitoring plans' preparation and review of them in every 5 years for the self monitoring liable discharges

·         Preparation of basic reporting for self-monitoring liable discharges

·         Preparation of application for different types of Water Management Permits

·         Application for environmental noise limits, carry out measurements necessary for determination of limits of impacted area

·         Reporting:

-           annual report on air emissions

-           basic and annual reporting on cooling equipment containing regulated cooling agents, registration of equipments at www.hlhmonitoring.hu

-           Calculation of environmental burden fee

-           Annual report on waste generation

-           Annual report on ground water and soil related activities (FAVI reporting according to 18/2007. (V. 10.) KvVM decree)

-           Annual report and annual summary report on self monitoring liable discharging technologies (VÉL)  according to 27/2005. (XII. 6.) KvVM decree

-           Data provision for KAR adatszolgáltatás (A környezeti alapnyilvántartással kapcsolatos nyilvántartási és adatszolgáltatási kötelezettségekről szóló 78/2007.(IV.24.) Korm. rendelet)

·         Environmental trainings

·         Supervision and co-ordination of activities of external environmental experts

·         Guidance for changes in the activities concerning the environment protection, identification of related tasks, suggestions for planning, organising, timing and scheduling


Regulatory background

The daily tasks related to environment protection require attention and high level of expertise. Many companies therefore look for external partners for doing these tasks  at a professional level. Having a wide range of expertise in various sectors we are capable to get these done professionally.

In Hungary there are two decrees that regulate the conditions of application of an Environmental representative. The 93/1996. (VII. 4.) Govt. decree determines the categories of activities which require the application of an Environmental representative, while the 11/1996. (VII. 4.) KTM decree defines the conditions for application and educational background of such a representative.

The following sectors fall under the scope of the 93/1996. (VII. 4.) Govt. decree:

·         Crop production

·         Intensive livestock farming

·         Mining activities

·         Food production and processing

-           meat processing

-           vegetable oil production

-           milk products 

-           yeast, sugar, starches and starch products

·         Manufacturing activities:

-           textile production 

-           tanning of leather, finishing

-           wood fibre and wood particle board manufacturing

-           pulp and paper manufacturing

-           crude oil processing, industrial gas processing, production of chemicals, organic and inorganic chemical raw materials

-           manufacturing of plastic raw materials and products, manufacturing of rubber products

-           glass, cement, lime, brick ceramic products for construction purposes, building insulation materials

-           metallurgy and foundry operations

-           cable manufacturing, battery manufacturing, printed circuit boards manufacturing, manufacturing of lighting equipments and lamps

-           manufacturing of road vehicles and car-bodies, railway vehicle manufacturing

·         Services:

-           printing activities 

-           surface treatment of metals

-           operation of thermal, hydroelectric and heating plants

-           water production, treatment and distribution

-           operation of airports

-           repair of road vehicles, railway vehicles

-           waste management, recycling, disposal, incineration, storage

-           waste water treatment

·         Trade, transportation, laundry, industrial cleaning