ecoPortal® - Smarter Management Systems

ecoPortal® – Smarter Management Systems

Have you ever thought of how much time, money and effort has been invested into establishing, implementing and maintaining your QEHS management system and how these investments returned?

And have you ever thought of how visible and effective your management systems are? (Despite these efforts…)

Most of the QEHS management systems we have seen end up being a ‘folder on the shelf’ with minimal engagement from both staff and management. This leaves them as ‘living dead’ buried alive under a paper pile, enabling auditors to tick the box, sometimes with or without comments.

Some believe the reasons behind this are simple; “…it is an art of management system experts, who play with their toy, but they do not let others close to the playground”.

Many times we have said operating a management system is not rocket science. We believe that with the engagement and commitment of management and staff paired with a good interface making things visible, motivating and intuitive, QEHS management systems can achieve larger success than ever.

All you need for a successful and effective management system is engagement, collaboration and culture development rather than bureaucracy. NECS being a proud ecoPortal® adviser has the tool to protect the investment we mentioned and keep your management system pulsing with your everyday activities.

Benefits of using ecoPortal®

         Reduces the cost and complexity of achieving environmental certification such as ISO 14001 and EMAS

         Helps you manage other certifications such as EU Ecolabel, Blue Angel and Nordic Swan. etc.

         Makes reporting and communicating your objectives and achievements effortless

         Puts you in control of operating costs like energy and waste by making it easy to measure and manage improvement projects

         Provides you with high levels of control and coordination across geographically scattered sites

         Generates excitement and commitment to environmental targets

         Prevents overloading management with another inefficient paper-based system

         Easily integrates with other management systems like quality and health & safety

         Provides a systematic framework for translating your sustainability vision into manageable projects

         It is always on and it is always there


We look forward to answer your questions and we are sure you will be excited to see this video!