Compliance assurance

Compliance assurance services

·         Identification of legal requirements and related tasks

·         Suggestions for the necessary actions, plans for achieving compliance

·         Development and implementation of programmes for ensuring and maintaining compliance

·         Identification of impacts of changes and proposed future legislation on the organisations

·         Trainings on environmental legal requirements

·         Compliance audits as an independent team or as a member of your organisation's audit team

·         ISO 14001 vagy EMAS based management systems' evaluation of compliance

·         Compliance assessment of suppliers

·         Establishment, implementation of internal EHS audit systems

·         Product compliance and relevant analysises (environmental compliance of packaging, RoHS, REACH, EuP (Energy-using Products Directive))


More about compliance assurance

In today's circumstances an organisation needs to comply with a lot of complicated legal requirements. The environment protection is of course not an exclusion.

During a transaction quite often happens that the status of compliance is not comprehensively assessed, so later it needs a further and more detailed and accurate review and an estimation of costs associated with the liabilities.

Many multinational companies operate compliance programmes at a corporate level. Most of these mean compliance audits at a planned and regular intervals, tracking the results and setting deadlines for achieving compliance. These compliance programmes require experienced experts' support, who have the necessary practice in compliance assurance. Establishment of compliance assurance programmes  also require a good level of preparedness and audit experience and the implemetation can only be done by understanding and taking into account the needs and capabilities of an organisation.

For those who operate ISO 14001 or EMAS based environmental management systems the evaluation of compliance means an important task at regular intervals.

Some companies work with a broad range of suppliers or they themselves are a part of a greater supply chain, so that assuring compliance in a well managed, transparent and conscious manner means a priority.

A compliance audit can be tool for determining the level of comppliance, establishing the necessary actions for achieving compliance and for estimation of costs associated with it.

NECS has a broad experience with compliance assurance related services, therefore we are capable to meet the challenges of all the above.